Understanding The Working Of CNC Machine

Understanding The Working Of CNC Machine

CNC basically stand for computer numerical control. All NC machine work on the bases of instructions put on controller unit. In CNC machine there are minicomputers or microcomputer which works like controller unit of the machine.

In NC machine program is added in the punch cards whereas in CNC machines we put instructions directly in computer via small board. Small board is similar to traditional keyboard. In case of CNC machine program is stored in computer memory. You can even edit and write code according to your requirements. The code or program can be used for different machine parts.

CNC Machine

CNC machine have greater computational capability and additional flexibility in comparison to NC machine. You can even incorporate new system to CNC controller simply by reprogramming the unit.

CNC machines are also referred as ‘soft-wired’ as it has the feature like capacity and the flexibility. There are various manufacturing companies in Australia that provide you with CNC machining services.

In CNC machine a specific program is added for example for metal cutting according to requirement of the user. For carrying out CNC cutting service you need to feed particular dimensions in the computer system through program.

The cutting process starts as soon as dimensions are added to the computer system.  CNC machine work like a Robot, they take up the instruction given by the operator and perform its function.  The tool that help in working of CNC machine are listed below:


  Milling machine

  Drilling Machine

You can provide shape to particular metal with such tool by removing excess metal. The shape can be either round, rectangular, etc. You can check this out in order to know more about CNC machine.

Traditional cutting was mostly performed by experts. These jobs mostly require accuracy while performing operation. Operator work is minimized with the use of CNC machines as machine tool are regulated by the computer .

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