What Are The Duties, Functions And Responsibilities Of A Master Electrician?

What Are The Duties, Functions And Responsibilities Of A Master Electrician?

Master Electricians are the qualified professionals who know how to sort problems associated to electricity.

Whether working at residential or commercial properties, a Master Electrician’s job is fundamentally the same: installing or mending electrical systems.

In addition, drawing up plans, applying for licenses, laying wire and even contributing to inspections are all part of their daily jobs.

Master Electrician Duties and Responsibilities

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As briefly explained by master electrician Hamilton, the actual scope of a Professional Electrician’s job relies on the business that they work or the assignments they take on, but there are several key obligations that may be applied to practically all master electrician positions.

Here is a small list of the duties and responsibilities performed by the master electricians:

Install Electrical Systems

Whenever a Master Electrician is called to install electrical systems to a new or an existing building, there is a lot of work that needs to be done before. Master Electricians like electrician Hamilton based professionals, design the electrical system or assist in the design process.

But before that, they acquire all the necessary permits and order parts and equipment for the project, beforehand. They either perform the installation themselves or supervise the installation process. They must ensure all circuits are correctly installed and in working order.

Repair Electrical Systems

Master Electricians check and if required fix all the faulty electrical systems. This involves using diagnostic tools to test circuits, planning a solution to the problem and finishing the repair work. This may comprise of rewiring or reinstalling components.

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Few Master Electricians are also hired to perform pre-emptive upkeep to safeguard electrical systems are up-to-date and safe.

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Train Subordinates

Electricians study their trade through internship programs and on-the-job experience. Master Electricians are a vital part of the process; they supervise the work of trainees and journeymen, teaching these beginner Electricians the right procedures and practices, relevant codes and appropriate regulations.

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