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All About DUI Expungement

Tuesday , 11, February 2020 Leave a comment

If you have ever been arrested for DUI and looking forward to clearing your DUI conviction record to avoid miscellaneous problems in the future then look no further than getting immediately started with expungement.

The expungement is a legal process of removing your DUI conviction record. It can be applied usually after a certain length of the time period from your arrest (usually a year).

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Having your DUI conviction expunged, your DUI conviction record never shows up when any educational institutions, government agencies or potential employers do a background check on the individuals public record. But, the expunged record will be retained for the purpose of the severity of sentencing when you are again convicted for the same crime in the future.

Expungement is possible only under these conditions:

  • When a certain length of the time period has passed after your conviction/arrest
  • When there are no other pending cases
  • When there are no other previous cases expunged
  • When all the proceedings were dismissed
  • When acquitted

However, DUI expungement laws vary from state to state (US). Not all states allow expunging. Some states do not allow for a felony conviction, while there are states which do not allow for both misdemeanor and felony conviction.

So, it is very essential to seek a criminal expungement lawyer. Having a lawyer by your side will be of great help to you throughout the expungement process. Because these lawyers exactly know what to do in terms of critical situations that may otherwise lead to failure.

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