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Guide to Using a Recruitment Agency

Wednesday , 9, October 2019 Comments Off on Guide to Using a Recruitment Agency

There are quite a lot of recruitment agencies out there, all offering a variety of services. You have to be selective. Make a list of questions in advance that you can ask the consultants right at the beginning.

You can checkout finance recruitment agencies in Johannesburg at You need to ensure that;

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-They understand your industry.

-They understand your current job.

-They understand what you are looking for.

-They have good contacts in your industry.

-They will be proactive in your job search

-They can tell you about what to expect salaries and allowances

Overall, make sure that you feel comfortable with the institution you have chosen, because they will be dealing with your personal details.

It is illegal for an agency to charge for finding the position. The employer for whom they recruit has to pay the costs. However, the agency may charge for additional services.

How many agencies should I use? – It's really up to you, but for the best results it is often better to sign up with several specialist agencies. If you are using a wide range of institutions you might find that they all send your resume to the same employer.

What are their CV policies? – Ensure that the agency will work for you and not just send your CV to an employer without understanding your needs. Most reputable agencies will have a definite policy on this matter. Make sure they understand that YOU decide which employers must receive your CV.